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Bakväxel 10 Vxl RD-4700 Tiagra 32T
Shimano färger - Series color
Kod Försäljningsmodell - RD-4700
Kod Shimanodelar - Rear Derailleur
Cykel diciplin - Landsväg
Användning - On bike
Top sprocket max - 12T
Tänder - 11T
Total kapacitet - 39T Double 41T Triple
Rear speeds - 10
SGS GS SS - Long cage
Low sprocket min - 28T Double 25T Triple
Kompatibel kedja - 10-speed chain
System Type - Mekanisk
349 kr
Bakväxel 10-vxl Silver SGS RD-M786 Deore XT T- Nor Shdw+
Precis och stabil växling i alla väder.
789 kr
Bakväxel 10-vxl Svart SGS Bakväxel 10-vxl Svart SGS
Högeffektiv drivlina för aggresiv stig cykling.
549 kr

CeramicSpeed Rulltrissa Alu Shimano 11s

Upgrade your Shimano rear derailleur with CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for reduced friction and extended lifetime. The pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike, making an upgrade to CeramicSpeed an effective way to save energy. CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels can be used for all cycling disciplines, and will last longer than any standard pulley wheels. The CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for Shimano rear derailleurs are specially designed to reduce friction to an absolute minimum, virtually eliminating the drag associated with standard pulley wheels.

Compatible for all Shimano 11-speed rear derailleurs, including Shimano 9100-series rear derailleurs.


Aluminium Pulley Wheels
These pulley wheels are made from a light Aluminium alloy that guarantees top performance, whatever your riding discipline. All components of our pulley wheels are of the highest quality, ensuring the best results.

Titanium Pulley Wheels
To benefit from the ultimate pulley wheels when it comes to wear and tear, we have introduced the titanium pulley wheels, which are extremely resistant to wear. This makes them a great choice if you ride in demanding conditions – for example off-road, in wet or otherwise corrosive environments. The titanium pulley wheels are also available with coated bearings to reduce friction and prolong lifetime even further. 

1 739 kr
CeramicSpeed Rulltrissa Alu SRAM 11s

Designed to fit all SRAM 11s mechanical and electrical derailleurs, these CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels put less friction between the power transferred from your legs and the rear wheel. Each pulley wheel is fitted with CeramicSpeed high quality bearings that offer for a more efficient drivetrain.

Aluminium Pulley Wheels  
Better than the standards equipment, these pulley wheels feature aluminium alloy pulley wheels that are extremely light, weighing only 22g, without spacers. Low friction and long lifetime is the essential and unique mix of properties that makes these pulley wheels superior to the market’s standards.

Note: these pulley wheels are not delivered with spacers. When mounting the pulley wheels reuse the original SRAM spacers. 

Titanium Pulley Wheels
Made from strong yet lightweight titanium (24g), these pulley wheels outlast every other standards, making durability one of their key characteristics. These pulley wheels can be fitted with either coated or standard bearings. The coated bearings feature an extremely durable layer of coating applied on the steel races, which is 75% harder than hardened steel. Combining the properties of the titanium pulley wheels with those of the coating, you benefit from the ultimate pulley wheels that have further reduced friction and even longer lifetime.

1 739 kr
CeramicSpeed Rulltrissa Alu SRAM Eagle
CeramicSpeed gör några av de starkaste, mest precisa.
och lättast rullande lager på marknaden, de är alla keramiska.
Keramiska lager ger även ett bättre ytnyttjande av ens watt.
Till Sram XX1, X01 och CX1 bakväxel.
2 669 kr
Framväxel 105 5700 svart dubbel, lött fäste
  • Cykeltyp - Landsväg
  • Total kapacitet - 16T
  • Mount type - Brazed On
  • Swing action type - Down Swing
  • System Type - Mekanisk
  • Top gear teeth - 50-56T
  • Kompatibel kedja - 10-speed chain
  • Front speeds - 2 Chainrings
  • Rear speeds - 10
  • Kabeldragnings typ - Down pull
389 kr

Framväxel Alivio M4000, down swing
Framväxel Alivio M4000 down swing, 28"
329 kr
Framväxel Alivio M4000, top swing
Framväxel Alivio M4000 top swing, 28"
329 kr
Framväxel Altus M313 8vxl, down swing
Framväxel Altus M313 8-del, down swing, 26"
189 kr

Oversized Alu Pulley Wheels CeramicSpeed Shimano 10/11s
Developed and designed entirely by CeramicSpeed, the Oversized Pulley Wheel System for Shimano is advanced for the optimization of bike performance. Everything from bearings to the cage is made from the highest quality materials. The oversized aluminium pulley wheels are fitted with standard or coated CeramicSpeed Bearings, which reduce friction to the minimum. The overall power savings of the OSPW System for Shimano reach 30%-60% or more in some cases. The OSPW System has a lifetime that lasts 3-5 times longer than the commonly used standard pulleys on the market. The OSPW System for Shimano comes as two different systems, one compatible with Ultegra (6700/6770/6800/6870) and Dura Ace (7900/7970/9000/9070), 10s and 11s, electric and mechanical groupsets, and another compatible with the Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 series - EXCEPT the R8000 GS. While the first option features a set of two 17-tooth pulleys, the OSPW System for Shimano 9100/9150 and 8000 features an optimal 13/19-tooth combination specially developed to fit the design of the derailleur. 
4 499 kr
Rulltrissa par RD-7900
  • Cykeltyp - Landsväg
  • Kullagertyp - Sealed x 2
449 kr

Rulltrissa par RD-9000/9070
  • Cykeltyp - Landsväg
  • Kullagertyp - Sealed x 2
459 kr
Rulltrissa Par XT RD-M8000
  • Cykeltyp - MTB
  • Kullagertyp - Sealed x 2
209 kr

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